Monday, 6 December 2010

Version 1.24 uploaded

The simulator has been updated to version 1.24

This new version has a simple convection algorithm added. This results in the simulator lapse rate being steeper than would be the case without convection (on a graph where temperature is plotted as X and height plotted as Y). Air warmed near the surface rises, reducing in pressure as it rises, cold air falls and increases in pressure. This mixing results in temperatures at the surface being slightly cooler than would be the case without convection.

A few modifications to the explanatory texts and animations have also been made.

I am currently working on a page that explains the differences between the simulator atmosphere and a real atmosphere. The temperature profile of the Earths atmosphere is far more complicated, with the temperature actually increasing at the top of the stratosphere, the new page will explain this and other features of the atmosphere.

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