Saturday, 9 October 2010

Convection and ground warming

Having had a break from developing the simulator for some time. I have had time to think about ideas for the project that would add more realism to the way it works. One idea is convection, at least at a basic level. This is partly due to thinking how convection works and how it could be incorporated into the simulator. The book 'A Climate Modelling Primer' has also given me some ideas, although the book is obviously far more advanced than what I am attempting.

The basic method I am currently considering is every few cycles to shift the energised greenhouse gases up to the next layer. This can be done easily in the data array used and doesn't need the physical moving of any graphics. So there would be a gentle drift upwards of red dots and a similar drift downwards of blue dots.

Another issue is how to show graphically that the planets surface is warming. Although this would seem to be easier, in fact it is probably not so easy as implementing convection. I'll probably have to experiment with some graphic ideas.

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