Saturday, 7 August 2010

First post

Hope you enjoy this site and the simulator project. Both the simulator and the site will be updated over time, to include new features and improvements.

The layout and design of the site/blog is likely to change over time, so the 'blog' part may move. New versions of the simulator will hopefully appear from time to time. Details of new versions will appear in this blog.

Simulator to do list:

1. Some sort of energy budget meter.
2. A simulation of a thinner upper atmosphere.
3. Improved interface.
4. Improved animations.
5. Moderate ice extent according to temperature.

There maybe opportunities to host the simulator such as on college or school Intranets or other locations (added 19/08/10 - I am currently considering Creative Commons licensing, but haven't made a decision yet ). More information about this will be available later, if in the mean time you have an interest in displaying/hosting the simulator, please register interest in a comment.

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