Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Energy Flow Meter

The energy meter has been added to the simulator now and the simulator version number has been updated to 1.20.

I have called it an Energy Flow Meter since it gives an indication of the net flow of energy in or out of the Sim planet. When the net flow of energy is incoming, then the meter indicator will go towards the right into the red zone, This shows the planet is warming up.
When the net flow is outgoing into space, the indicator will go to the right into the blue zone and this will show that the planet is cooling off. When the indicator is in the centre, the planet is neither cooling or warming and remains at it's current overall temperature.

When the 'night/day cycle' mode is selected, the meter indicator will swing to the left at night and to the right during the day, although generally until a steady state is reached, it will spend more time on the right in the red zone.

In addition to the existing descriptions of the controls, some notes explaining the meter and the temperature bars need to be written.

Added: The next problem to focus on is an issue with the animation of the photons emitted to space, currently although there maybe at times a number at the top ready to be animated, the simulator can not currently animate more than one at a time, the others just disappear. So I need to come up with a method of animating multiple photons at the same time using a dynamic method in Flash.
The best idea I have so far is to use addChild in Actionscript and a data array. I think it should work and would cope with the variable number of photon animations.


S2 said...


Seriously, though, that's really neat. I'm impressed!

warmcast said...

Thank you S2.
You are my first commenter!

Early days yet, the site is only just beginning to register on search engines.

I haven't used Flash for a while and since the last time, Actionscript has changed a lot.

At some stage I intend to do a big clean up of the code.

If you have any ideas for features, feel free to suggest some.